Weekly News 2-5-18 Monday Night Blitz Tournament Register Now

On Monday 2/5 at 6pm, we’ll be hosting a 5 round Double-Swiss or Round Robin Blitz tournament at the Sunny Street Cafe.  This tournament will only affect your Blitz rating (not your Standard or Quick rating).  Sets/Clocks will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you have a preference.

The time control will be G/5 d/0 and 80% of the entry fees (minus PayPal processing fees) will be given away as a prize fund.

Register below!  Must be a current USCF member to compete.  HCC members have a reduced entry fee of $5.  Non-members will pay $8.

If you would prefer to watch the tournament or just play some casual games, there should be plenty of folks around to do just that.  See you there!

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