General Quad Description

Quad Tournaments may be rated or casual, restricted or not to a rating range.  Anyone may organize small Quads for casual games at the club.  USCF qualified Tournament Directors may conduct Quads for rated games.

Variations of Quad play will be determined by the TD.  Typically, the four top rated players entering are pitted against each other in a group (“quad”), then the next four highest in another quad, and so on. The players in each quad play a round robin, one game against each, for a total of three games each. (For double-quads, two games against each, one as each color, for a total of six games.)

When there are insufficient players for the final quad, typically the lowest rated players will play a three round Swiss tournament rather than a round robin.

The TD may use his judgment in rating and paring players as he thinks appropriate and/or mix players of various ratings as desired.  The TD will designate entry fees and assign prizes, if any.