Queen of Hearts Zinger

By David Hays  2/11/2017

This is a position from the second round of the 2017 Queen of Hearts. Here white has just played 35. Bc4 with an eye on my tender pawn on f7, and confident that he will soon win my precious advanced c2 pawn.  I decided to play 35… Bxh5?! with the hope that it might rattle my opponent.  Of course, the immediate capture 36. gxh5 is refuted by 36… Qf4+ and QxR next.  Naturally, white responded by capturing my valuable advanced c-pawn.  After the position stabilized, I could manage no more than a draw.  I finished the tournament in a tie for first place in the Reserve Section.

Solution: Hint: The advanced c-pawn is a winner if it can only get more support.  But how?