Weekly News 1-29-18 Back to Casual Chess This Week

We’ll be back to casual chess this week, so for those who opted to abstain from last week’s Quick tournament, please come on out.  We had 19 folks at the Café last Monday, so there’s ALWAYS a friendly game to be had by all.

To tide you over until the meeting tonight at 5:30pm (Monday 1/29), here’s a contribution from David Hayes:

Mullinax vs Hayes

This is a position from the first round of the 3rd Annual Smokey Mountain Open Amateur Section. Here I (black) have a comfortable position and am a pawn up. In this position, black played 33. … Rxd3 34. cxd3 Ra4 35. Qxc6 Qxc6 36. Rxc6 Rxb4 and eventually won the endgame. However, black can win faster and more decisively from this position.

Please help black find a better move in this position.

Solution: Hint: Who is afraid of the double attack on my d4 Rook?

Solution: Hint: One must be willing to sacrifice and risk everything for mate.




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