Weekly News 10-3-17

As the hours tick towards another great night of chess this week, we continue to be grateful for the continued success of the Huntsville Chess Club. This past week has brought us two new paid members, Justin and Steven, and a visit by retired Air Force Officer, Craig. Welcome!

Recently, there has been a steady flow to the club of both chess players who are relatively new to the game, as well as players who have moved here from out of town. So, if you’re a previously active member of the club who has been waiting for some new faces to play against, there is no time like the present to head to the club.   The web marketing is working!

Hope to see you there!

The Huntsville Chess Club

One thought on “Weekly News 10-3-17”

  1. Just saw your flyer for the Chess in a Cave tournament. Great and innovative idea! FYI, I was the ACF Scholastic Vice President back in the early 2000’s and I understand the challenges you can face when working scholastics. Great job!

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